Sivrihisar Airshow 2021


“Sivrihisar Airshow” / “SHG Airshow”, organized by Sivrihisar Sportive Aviation Club Association every year at Sivrihisar Aviation Center-Necati Artan Facilities on an international scale, is an organization that appeals to aviation lovers of all ages. “Sivrihisar Airshow” emphasize the importance of aviation, while providing many opportunities for young people and children, in particular, to learn […]

Sectoral Meetings – Kapadokya University

2020/11/26 12:45

Kapadokya University’s seminar on ”Career Goals in Aviation” took place. 250 students participated in the online seminar with Microsoft Teams at Kapadokya University and participated as guests asked questions to; Operations Officer Eray ÇİL from Çelebi Ground Handling and Foreign Airlines Officer Hasan ÖKÇÜNTEKLE from Merkür Aviation We thank the entire University of Kapadokya, especially […]

Visitings – ISG Meeting

2020/09/30 11:00

We had a meeting with Canan Soysal, Director of Corporate Communications at ISG, Sabiha Gokcen Airport Terminal. By evaluating the activities that we can do together with the ISG, we have taken the steps of the activities in the following process. Our cooperation will continue in the coming days, increasing its strength, stay tuned. We […]

Camps – 5th Board Members Camp

2020/09/11 10:00

As the Board Members of the Aviation For All Association, we held the fifth of the camps we held every month on September 11-13, 2020. During the 3-day camp, we also received personal development training while working on the action plan for the 2020-2021 fall semester. In addition, we hosted our guests in our office. […]

Seminar To High Schools – Konya/TED College

2020/03/11 12:00

As the Aviation For All Association, we have organized our event called ”Seminar To High Schools” to help our friends who are studying in high schools make the right decision in their university preferences and to address the questions in their minds and draw a path in their lives by introducing them to unheard, unknown […]

Ankara – World Aviator Women’s Day

2020/03/08 12:00

As an Aviation For All Family, this year we celebrated World Aviator Women’s Day simultaneously on March 8 in the provinces where all our representative offices are located. Baroness Raymonde de Laroche, the world’s first female pilot, received her pilot’s license on 8 March 1910. Accordingly, in order to celebrate International Women’s Day, which was […]

Booth Week – Kastamonu

2019/12/26 09:00

Booth Week Took Place In Kastamonu For all who have an ever-increasing number of members, the Aviation For All Association also opened the Kastamonu representation and the booth week event was held at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Kastamonu University. It was met with great interest not only by students but also […]

Turkish Technic Tour

2019/11/29 08:00

Friday, November 29, 2019, as the Aviation For All Association, we held a joint event with our Istanbul and Kocaeli Representatives and held our annual “Technical Tour” event this year by visiting the Sabiha Gokcen facilities of Turkish Technic, the main sponsor of our association. As is known, access to hangars is not possible for […]

Introductory Breakfast – Kocaeli

2019/10/26 10:00

We invited participants and entrepreneurial young people from many different departments to meet at the same table at the meet breakfast organization, which took place between 10.00 – 14.00. The aim of the breakfast is to increase communication between members and to explain the definition of the association to the participating friends more effectively and […]

Visiting Primary Schools – Eskişehir/Ülkü Primary School

2019/04/17 10:00

As an Aviation For All Association, we held our event under the name “Visiting Primary Schools” in order to popularize aviation and explain it in the most basic way to our brothers and sisters who are studying in primary schools. We visited Ülkü Primary School on 17.04.2019. We were very happy to introduce aviation and […]

Turkish Red Crescent Event – Konya

2019/03/16 10:00

At this event, which was held simultaneously by the Aviation For All Association, we were at the Zafer blood collection centre as a representative of Konya. People’s demand was quite intense. From morning to evening, the pace in the centre did not end for a moment. At the end of the day, a total of […]

Muhabbet-i Müzik- Kayseri

2018/12/01 19:00

Our Kayseri Representation opened its doors for everyone on December 1, 2018, at 7 PM. As every year, the music night, which began to become traditional, attracted a lot of attention this year. More than 150 people attended the night, as well as treats and live music performances, as well as fun minutes of karaoke […]

Aviation For All Association has left its signature in aviation history with the distinction of being the FIRST and ONLY association founded and managed by students in 2015.

As of today, it has become The Largest Non-Governmental Organization in Aviation  with 3150+ members and 7 representations.

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