How Do Towers Allow Planes?


There must be several reasons why an air traffic controller would not allow the plane to land. In this article, we will examine in detail what these reasons are and find out what situations the air traffic controller allows planes to land-based on.

Meteorological Conditions

We said that there are valid reasons why an air traffic controller should not allow planes to land. The first is meteorological conditions. All airlines and air traffic controllers in the world must comply with the rules set by the relevant authorities. For example, where the runway view is 100 meters, if the relevant authority has stated in its rules that this number will pose a risk for take-off and landing, the air traffic controller cannot allow aircraft to land and take off. As another example, we can give the side wind limit. In a square with a wind limit of 25 knots, again, the air traffic controller does not allow aircraft to land and take off if the wind is more than 25 knots.

Flight Plan Errors

Before departure, air traffic controllers are required to check documents stating which route they will follow in the air after take-off at how many thousand feet and how many knots. If there are any errors in the document, the air traffic controller will not allow the plane to take off. Flight from the tower to the aircraft is not allowed until the error is corrected.


Any accident at the airport is also one of the reasons why the air traffic controller does not allow planes to fly. If the airport is closed to flights due to an accident, the planes that will land will be diverted either to the nearest airport or to alternative airports. At the same time, all aircraft that will take off a return to parking positions in the direction of the tower. Air traffic controllers may not allow planes to fly for many more reasons other than the reasons mentioned above. In addition, in conditions that do not jeopardize the operation, each air traffic controller allows aircraft to land.



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