Do Pilots Always Use The Same Plane?


A lot of people have their own cars.  They can drive wherever they want, whenever they want. So, can a pilot go wherever he/she wants, when he/she wants, in their plane? Or does a pilot always use the same plane? If we give in short, the answer is no. So, how does this system work? Come, let’s learn together. There are hundreds of aircraft in the fleet of airlines around the world. Pilots don’t always fly the same tail during their working lives. To briefly describe the system, we can explain it as follows.

An airline plans what a plane will fly for a week. During this planning, a different flight crew is assigned to almost every flight of the aircraft. So pilots don’t always fly the same plane during their working lives. As part of the planning, it is clear which day the pilots will fly with which tail numbered aircraft at what time. In fact, the plane a pilot flies in a day can change, and so can the flight crew.




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