What Happens If There Are Problems At The Airport Where The Plane Is Going?


Sometimes the news reports say that most planes land at other airports, where they cannot land at airports. In this article, we will find out what happened in the background of this. First, since many divert words will be mentioned in the article, let’s briefly find out what the word means in the aviation sector. Divert; the plane cannot land at the planned airport for any reason and lands at another airport. We will briefly explain how a plane diverts and what causes may be the cause of diverts. Before take-off, the planes send the flight plan of the flight that they will make that day to the necessary authorities and receive flight permission. In the flight plan, an alternative airport is added next to the airport where the landing will take place. If the aircraft cannot land at the airport where it will land due to operational problems or meteorological conditions, it must land at this specified airport.

The Final Decision Belongs To The Captain

If the plane cannot land at the airport where it will land for any reason and has to divert to the alternative airport, who will decide that? First, the captain pilot on the plane evaluates the situation with the flight officer at the airline’s base airport and decides. But still, the final decision is up to the captain pilot on the plane.






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