Aircraft Electrical and Electronics Department is a department where the power systems, electrical structures, and electronic systems of aircraft are learned in detail, and at the same time, the works such as inspection, maintenance, and repair of these learned structures and systems are supported by practical training on the basis of theoretical courses. Aviation, which is one of the sectors with the highest growth rate in the international sense, has become the sector that offers the most employment opportunities with the investments made in our country. Those who want to work in a prestigious field, in working environments that are audited and managed at international standards, with a high-income opportunity and a career open to development, prefer this department.


Graduates of the department can work in many fields such as aircraft maintenance and repair centres of civil aviation organizations, facilities producing aircraft parts, simulator manufacturers, and the defence industry. When they are successful in module exams, provide language proficiency and complete their basic education experience, they gain the title of the authorized technician. They carry out maintenance and repair operations on the power systems, electrical components, computers, and electronic systems of aircraft in the maintenance hangars and workshops of airports and airline companies. Due to the investments made in the aviation sector in our country, the aircraft technician need of our airline companies is also increasing. Those who successfully graduate from this department can quickly find jobs both in our country and in international organizations.


After graduation, students of the Aircraft Electrical and Electronics Department can work as an aircraft maintenance technician (aircraft maintenance avionics technician) in companies engaged in line maintenance, hangar maintenance, and manufacturing. Maintenance organizations; Turkish Aeronautical Association, THY Technic, THY HABOM (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Centre), Turkish Engine Centre (THY), My Technic, DT Aviation Paint Hangar Isparta, and private hangars, etc. The civil aviation sector is one of the sectors that is constantly developing technologically and growing rapidly in terms of activities in the world and in our country. Parallel to this growth, the aviation industry; requires a lot of knowledgeable and highly skilled technical staff who use advanced technology. Our graduates can easily find a place for themselves in national and international Aircraft Maintenance and Renovation (BOY) services, sub-industry enterprises, and airline companies. Opportunity to find a job in Aircraft Electric Electronic, Information about Aircraft Electric Electronic job opportunities, What do the graduates of Aircraft Electric Electronics do, Where do the graduates of Aircraft Electric Electronics work, State institutions where Plane Electric Electronics graduates can work, private sector ...


They can work in all aviation-related organizations, including military and civilian organizations.

It is one of the main places where aircraft maintenance companies and airline companies work.


Makes business plan.

Makes the cabling installation.

Makes the cabling installation.

It repairs and maintains the electronic and electrical systems of the aircraft.

It repairs the defective parts and puts them into use again.

It performs the procedures of out-of-service of the defective parts.

It removes and installs body and motor units that require simple operation during line maintenance.

It issues the maintenance exit certificate.

Reads maintenance and repair catalogues.

Makes maintenance and repair tests.

Participates in activities related to professional development.

It provides the technician support required in the measurement and test studies on the electrical properties of the air platform, whose design studies are carried out.

Takes part in documentation studies in accordance with the standards for modifications to be made on the air platform, whose design work is carried out.

It participates in the power, EMI / EMC measurements of systems whose integration and design have been completed.

Participates in ground and flight tests.

Provides maintenance of necessary equipment for tests.

Has knowledge about aviation-related standards.


Patient and careful,

Successful in mathematics and science lessons,

Who can see space relations,

Capable of drawing,

Can solve mechanical problems,

Can use their hands and fingers skilfully,

Coordinated use of hands and eyes,

Without vision and hearing problems,

Being able to follow and apply professional information published in a foreign language related to the profession when necessary,

They should be people who can interpret and analyse events well.


Aircraft Technicians receive a salary of "4-6K TL" when they start work. These prices may vary from company to company. When they become C / S and S / S (Authorized Technician) after the expiry of their experience period, giving the necessary module exams and filling out the logbook, they receive an average salary of "11-20K TL".


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The Electrical and Electronics Division works in the electronics of the aircraft, but the Aircraft Fuselage Engine Maintenance Division works in the line maintenance section.
It varies according to the universities.



Aviation For All Association has left its signature in aviation history with the distinction of being the FIRST and ONLY association founded and managed by students in 2015.

As of today, it has become The Largest Non-Governmental Organization in Aviation  with 3150+ members and 7 representations.

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