Sivrihisar Airshow 2021


  • Start : 2021/09/11
  • End : 2021/09/12

“Sivrihisar Airshow” / “SHG Airshow”, organized by Sivrihisar Sportive Aviation Club Association every year at Sivrihisar Aviation Center-Necati Artan Facilities on an international scale, is an organization that appeals to aviation lovers of all ages. “Sivrihisar Airshow” emphasize the importance of aviation, while providing many opportunities for young people and children, in particular, to learn about aviation. The organization, which was first organized in 2015 and attracted a lot of attention, grew more and more every year and announced its name internationally. Today, international air shows are also included in international calendars with the name “SHG Airshows”.

Sivrihisar Airshow brings together tens of thousands of people every year to contribute to the development of sports and general aviation in our country, to bring aircraft with historical value belonging to the MSÖ Air & Space Museum to aviation enthusiasts and to increase aviation culture and provide its audience with pleasant, exciting moments.

The world-famous demonstration pilots who take part in the Sivrihisar Airshow, which continue for two days, perform exciting flight shows from each other and leave the audience amazed. Historic aircraft, aerobatics, jets, helicopters and many more aircraft of interest meet with fans. In addition, gliders, paramotors, model aircraft shows and parachute jumps also add colour to the shows. Aircraft of historical value belonging to the MSÖ Air & Space Museum provides information about the history of aviation with both static and dynamic displays. In addition to demonstration pilots, many companies, flight schools, universities and aviation-related institutions also participate in this organization to promote themselves.


Foreign companies participate in this organization in order to market the sporty aircraft and products they produce. Thus, the Sivrihisar Airshow organization has the identity of ”aviation fair”. Sivrihisar Airshow, a carefully planned organization for everyone to have a pleasant time, also features a playground for children and various flight simulators that attract the attention of young people. “Bicycle Race on the Airstrip” and “Air Photo Contest”, which are the “first” in Turkey and have become traditional at Sivrihisar Airshow, are also included in the Airshow program.

Sivrihisar Airshow also includes a volunteer team of about 100 people who work during the show days, which brings together many people who want to contribute to the development of aviation. In addition, guests/participants participating in the airshow are staying in surrounding hotels and having food and beverage stands at the event also benefit many local businesses.

Aviation For All Association has left its signature in aviation history with the distinction of being the FIRST and ONLY association founded and managed by students in 2015.

As of today, it has become The Largest Non-Governmental Organization in Aviation  with 3150+ members and 7 representations.

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